Spanish Two

Resources for Spanish Two students.

 What to do if you miss a class.

If you miss a class, click on the calendar.  The work that you need to make up will be written on the date of your absence. 


Evergreen High School's Spanish II course continues into more advanced verb conjugation including the past and present progressive tenses.  Students are expected to learn and utilize new vocabulary.  Students are required to read, write, speak and listen in Spanish.  A variety of activities, including speaking with their peers to Spanish cultural presentations, will be completed. 


Student must have earned a C or better in Spanish I.  A strong ability in basic vocabulary as well as present tense verb conjugation and noun adjective agreement.



The Evergreen High School Spanish Two curriculum features an online textbook as well as interactive practice activities which can be completed online. Links to resources may be found on the menu to the right  The password to the online textbook is -

username: evergreencougar

password: alumn0



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